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Are you planning for your family’s future? Call the law office of Scott Best, Attorney at Law today. Our respected probate and estate lawyer knows you’ve worked too hard to risk your personal security or the legacy to chance. As your estate lawyer, we will help you establish a plan you can count on.


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Why You Should Work With a Trust and Wills Lawyer

Estate plans can include instructions for property distribution after you’ve passed, as well as funeral arrangements, power of attorney instructions, and more. Though it may be difficult to think about your mortality, an estate attorney will help you make clear and thorough plans that remove the fear of uncertainty.

Our will, estate, and trust attorney will guide you through the process of estate planning, and ensure that everything is legal and binding. Our estate attorney can even help you update your documents every year, which could help your family avoid probate in the future.


Probate & Estate Lawyer Scott Best
Wills, Trusts & Estates

Living Trusts Vs. Wills

Many people assume that living trusts and wills are the same, but they are actually very different. Our estate lawyer will gladly work with you to help you choose the right option based on your needs. Often, a legal will and living trust will work together to protect your assets while making division easier for your beneficiaries.

Living Trust: Any real estate—including houses, cars, boats, bank accounts, stocks, and bonds—can go into a revocable living trust. While a living trust won’t protect you from creditors, it will help your beneficiaries avoid probate and inheritance taxes. Our trust attorney understands the process, and will help you navigate through it to ensure your living trust is ironclad.

Legal Will: Wills can include all types of personal property that are not covered by a living trust, including  jewelry and art collections. Living wills can also be used to establish guardianship for minor children. You can also bring a will you have written yourself, and our will lawyer will review and make sure that it is clear and will not be invalidated by not meeting legal requirements.

Legal Aid With the Process of Probate

If you’re an executor of an estate, it’s imperative you hire a trusted probate attorney to handle the legalities of the process. Our probate attorney will help you execute your loved one’s will to the letter while ensuring all necessary debts are paid and other legal matters are taken care of.

As your will lawyer, we will help you through every stage of probate so you know all assets are properly distributed and the estate is legally processed.


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At The Law Office of Scott Best, we help clients guard against the unpredictable and leave instructions they feel confident about. Whether your estate is substantial or modest, as your estate attorney, we can work with you to design a plan that fits your unique circumstances and addresses your concerns.