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Whether you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits or you’ve been injured in the workplace and your employer is refusing to pay, Scott Best, Attorney at Law in Florence, KY, is here to help. With more than 20 years of experience in SSI and Workers’ Compensation cases, we have helped clients across Kentucky with reliable legal representation.


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Why We’re the right SSDI Lawyer for you

We recognize that most people do not want to be on Social Security. We know you would rather be working, but injury, age, or bad luck has robbed you of the choice. If you’re in need of SSI benefits but have been denied in the past, our Social Security Disability lawyer is here to help.

Our Social Security lawyer is here to answer any questions you have and will work with you to figure out the best course of action for your case. We understand that many people who file for Social Security Disability are wrongfully denied, and our SSDI lawyer views it as their mission to protect your rights and earned government benefits

Social Security & Disability Lawyer Scott Best
Workers' Comp

We Proudly Accept Workers’ Compensation Cases

Workman’s comp has become a highly specialized area of law. It requires an attorney with experience handling the workers’ compensation insurance companies, your employer, and the workers’ compensation injury board. If your case cannot be resolved by agreement, you will want an attorney to present it to an Administrative Law Judge.

Sometimes, people have a secondary case along with their workers’ compensation settlement cases. Sometimes they, or their attorneys, fail to recognize and pursue this secondary case, which may provide more relief than the workers’ compensation settlement alone. Our attorney will go over your case in detail to make sure you’re properly represented.


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If you’ve been injured on the job or have been denied SSDI benefits you rightly deserve, Scott Best, Attorney at Law is here to help. Over the last 20 years, we have represented SSDI clients across Ohio and workers’ comp & SSDI across Kentucky and we look forward to helping resolve your case to your satisfaction.